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At Consulting Services Tax & Accounting we are here to help you resolve all of your tax problems as your premier tax accountants in Madison WI. We pride ourselves in being able to take any tax problem and break it down to reach an end result of an accurate and completed tax return. Dealing with taxes can tend to be an overwhelming and stressful task to undertake and only one of many reasons for people to call our accountants in Madison. We are here to resolve the situation in the easiest way possible for you. We are conveniently located off of University Avenue on Segoe Road, in Madison WI. Consulting Services Tax & Accounting is here to help you with all of your tax, accounting, payroll and business needs.

Get help from tax accountants in Madison, who understand the constant changes in the U.S. Tax Codes and can provide you with support for your growing business or individual tax needs.  As the leading accounting firms in Madison WI, we provide ourselves on a excellent reputation.  With our ability to meet our client needs we have become one of the top accountants in Madison Wisconsin.

Why Our Accountants in Madison WI for your Accounting

With our accountants in Madison Wisconsin you do not just get tax preparation.  Our accountants are trained to understand all the complexities of the tax codes for Wisconsin and Federal Tax Codes.  We help you understand how to maximize your tax deductions, complete schedule C, and deal with other complex issues that may be difficult for the untrained eye.  Consulting Services Tax and Accounting provides superior service.  We aren’t done until your tax return is filed and can help you understand deductions that you may otherwise overlook.  With local representation our accounting firms in Madison Wisconsin represent a large number of individuals, self employed, small businesses, and larger corporations.  If your current CPA or accounting firm is not putting in the work you need, our staff will surely surprise you.

Get more out of your tax filing, our staff of accountants have years of experience and top reviews from our customers.

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Top accountants in Madison Wisconsin working to helping individuals and families with tax preparation and filings as well as all your tax accountant needs.

Areas of Expertise

Non-filer & Delinquent filers

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Non-filer & Delinquent filers

At Consulting Services Tax & Accounting, we know that sometimes life can be complicated, and that can make doing your taxes even more difficult. Sometimes, things can just get away from you, and before you know it, one or more years have gone by. That's why we want to work with you, to make it easier to get caught up and current with your tax filing obligations.

Multistate filers

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Multi-State Filing

Sometimes in life you've got to move around. Your work life can take you to many different places, whether it's a short-term assignment, or a long-term move, this may mean that you will need to file a tax return for multiple states. Many smaller tax preparation firms lack either the expertise or the software to handle multi-state filings. With Consulting Services Tax & Accounting, you can count on us to get all of your tax problems under control, no matter what state filings may be involved.

Small Business

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Home-based Small Business Specialist

If you own a small business, you have enough on your mind just trying to handle your day-to-day affairs and help your business grow. Tax time often adds an even greater burden to the small business owner because the rules for deductibility, depreciation, and how to determine your taxable income can be confusing and time consuming. We want to make tax time easier for you, so you can get back to focusing of the running your business.

Corporate and LLC filing

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Corporate & LLC Guidance

Whether you've owned a small business for a while, or you want to start your new business with a plan for the future, the staff at Consulting Services Tax & Accounting is here to help. We can advise you on the best route to take whether it is the formation of an LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, or a C-Corp, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for each type of entity, so that you'll be prepared to make the best possible choice for your businesses future.

Why Choose Us?

Full service Full Service

As a full service tax preparation firm, not only do we offer professional tax preparation we also offer in house accounting and payroll services. Call us today and we will be happy to set up an appointment for a free 30 minute consultation before we begin working together.

Trust us Year Round Service

Consulting Services Tax & Accounting is available and has regular office hours Monday thru Friday year-round to assist you with any and all tax, accounting and payroll issues that may arise.

Piece of mind Peace of Mind

You can count on Consulting Services Tax & Accounting to provide you with high-quality services and expert advice that will put all of you tax time worries to rest.

Custom care We Are There for You

If you have a unique or difficult tax situation, we are always here to help you. We have seen many different tax scenarios in our 45+ years of service to the Madison area.

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Top 100 Firm Marcum took the top spot among large audit firms in bringing in new Securities and Exchange Commission audit clients in the fourth quarter of 2015, with 11 new engagements and a net gain of six.

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Companies shouldn't be able to get away with paying very low taxes--or none at all--in countries where they earn profits, EU Economic Affairs and Tax Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said as he introduced a package of proposals designed to curb tax evasion.

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